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Communities Outside of Lifegroups

Other than Lifegroups, Antioch Brighton has other communities that meet at different times. We would love to see you in one of them!

Community For Youth

DELTA Youth Group (11-18 yrs)

We believe that God passionately loves youth.

Antioch's youth group is a place where teens from our church and the Greater Boston area come and encounter a God who loves them in the context of a community of friends who are growing together to be more like Jesus.  We are a community who loves Jesus, while playing games and developing fun, life-giving friendships.

Why We Call Our Youth Group "DELTA"

Much like an actual river delta, we want to be a "rich" place where teenagers can be deeply rooted while receiving from God and others. In the same way that a river delta expands, bringing life to dry ground around it, we want to be a life-giving place where youth are awakened to God's love for them and his nearness to them. Just as the flow of a river slows in a delta, we want to be a place where teens can come as they are - in the midst of pressure and stress - and be able to slow down and rest.

Where And When We Meet

We meet Bi-weekly at Antioch Waltham (17 Spruce Street, Waltham) every other Friday from 7:00 - 9:00 PM.

Come join us for a time to enjoy friendship and seek God together. We'll go crazy and we'll go deep!

Special events - We have two major events per semester! Last year, we did things like field days, a day at a trampoline park, a lock in and a Christmas party. To see what we are up to, check out our Facebook page!

Communities For Women

Mom Connection

A space to draw near to God and go deep in community. (Childcare Provided)

Mom Connection is a place where moms in every season of motherhood can gather together and encounter the love and presence of God, be refreshed in authentic community, and be encouraged and equipped to pour out for our families and those around us.

Where And When We Meet

Mom Connection meets on Thursdays from 9:30 - 11:30 AM at Antioch Waltham

(17 Spruce Street, Waltham).

E-mail Sarah Joy to find out more details.