ACC Brighton Lifegroups in Boston

Lifegroups Are The Heartbeat Of Our Church

The earliest Christians met together in homes, sharing meals and possessions, loving God and each other, and always welcoming newcomers (Acts 2:42-47).  At Antioch Brighton we embrace this as our model for Christian community.  To follow it, we build and support small group meetings in homes throughout Brighton and the surrounding neighborhoods.  These small groups are called Lifegroups, and they are what we consider to be the heart of our church.

Lifegroups are a great way to connect with God and with other people at Antioch Brighton.  In each Lifegroup meeting there are times for prayer, worship and Bible study as well as times for fellowship and building friendships.  Our Lifegroups are open to all, and visitors are always welcome.  Take a look at our current Lifegroups below. There sure is one you can connect with!

We Have Four Core Values For Our Lifegroups

Word-Centered…we submit to Jesus by honoring and obeying His Word as we are empowered by His grace.

Presence-Based…we eagerly desire the Holy Spirit’s activity as we partner with God in prayer, worship, and the practice of spiritual gifts.

Kingdom-Relationships…we pursue authentic fellowship by humbly and sacrificially choosing to love and relate to one another God’s way.

Mission-Focused…we embrace the call to be disciple-makers of all people as we reproduce our lives and ministry while compassionately caring for others and introducing them to the Good News of Jesus.

Lifegroups for Families

As a ministry for our families with children and older adults, we desire to see the book of Acts come alive by devoting ourselves to consistent fellowship, prayer and growth.

Our intention is to see people come into deeper relationship with Christ and increase in passion for Him and His purposes.

Antioch Brighton's Lifegroup ministry is a great place to see your life transformed by the presence of Christ as we experience Him together in community.

Where And When We Meet


Wednesdays, 7:00 PM
Leaders: Scott and Jaclyn Widenmaier
This group is on a monthly rotation. Children welcome!
For more information and directions please contact Jaclyn Widenmaier.


Tuesdays, Various Times
Leaders: Ron & Lori Goode; Emily George
This group is on a rotation, meeting 3x a month.
For more information and directions please contact Emily George.


Meets at various Times.
This group is on a monthly rotation.
For more information and directions please contact Erin Ellis.


Sundays, 4-5:30 PM
Leaders: John and Lia Clark; Mike and Kendra Aguilar
Your entire family is welcome!
For more information and directions please contact Kendra Aguilar.


Tuesdays, 6:30 PM
Leaders: Chris & Becky Bucchianeri
Your entire family is welcome - the group will be having dinner together.
For more information and directions please contact Becky Bucchianeri.

Lifegroups For Young Adults

We will be taking July and August off from regular Lifegroups and will be resuming weekly Lifegroups in September.

This summer, there will be three larger Young Adult gatherings for new people and for a connect point as a larger zone throughout July and August:

Sunday, July 16
Saturday, August 5th
Friday, August 18th

Save these dates and we will have more information about what specifically we will be doing on those days as a group.

Let's enjoy summer!


Lifegroups For College Students

We believe that college students can change the world.

When you join a college Lifegroup, you join a community that’s passionate about Jesus and His purposes on the earth.

Throughout history, university students have proven themselves capable of changing the world. Church history is no exception! At Antioch Community Church Brighton we recognize the college years as a unique window of time in a person’s life, ideal for growth and transformation as a follower of Jesus.


Where And When We Meet

Boston College:

Mondays, 7:00 PM
Leaders: Sam, Ahna, Courtney
For more information and location please contact Courtney.

Tuesdays, 7:00 PM
Leaders: Alex, Elliott, Katie
For more information and location please contact Katie.

Wednesdays, 7:00 PM
Leaders: Kasey, Tim, Christian, Vivian, Ivey
For more information and location please contact Ivey.


If you have any questions, please contact our College Ministry Team.