Justice Engagement Team

The theme of justice is woven throughout the narrative of scripture. As Christians and as the church, we believe that we are called to play a unique role in restoring the Earth to the fullness of what God intended in the Garden of Eden. The Justice Engagement Team (JET) exists to support Antioch and our church community to live out this vision in the city of Boston in practical ways.

Vision: The whole church living the whole gospel, bringing restoration and reconciliation to our whole community.

Mission: To be a church where Biblical justice is an integral part of our identity and naturally leads us to actions which bring the values of the Kingdom of God here and now in our community.

If you’re interested in JET, whether you want to hear more about our work, participate in occasional training, service, or prayer opportunities, or can regularly commit your time, we’d love to hear from you! We welcome you to fill out this survey to provide us with more information, and invite you to read about some of our work below.

Training and Equipping
JET supports Antioch through providing training and equipping to leadership, faithgroups, the training school, and other opportunities offered periodically. To find out more about current training and equipping, and to apply to join the development team contact JET below.

Service Opportunities
As part of our vision, we actively seek out opportunities to love and to serve our community and the city of Boston. Volunteers can serve occasionally or on a regular basis. Some of the ways that we serve include:

Refugee Ministry

We partner with Greater Boston Refugee Ministry and Catholic Charities of Boston to welcome and serve refugees in the Greater Boston Area. Service areas include:

  • welcoming new arrivals at the airport
  • setting up and preparing apartments
  • leading cultural orientations
  • meeting consistently with refugee families in order to provide friendship and practical assistance with the transition to American life

Thomas Edison School
We actively seek to bless and serve the elementary and middle school where we meet each week in practical ways. This includes garden clean ups, winter clothing drives, and other service opportunities.

Other Opportunities: We recognize that Boston has a wealth of resources and opportunities to serve the city. A few other opportunities to engage are:

  • Boston Rescue Mission: blessing and praying for homeless in the Boston Commons the last Saturday of each month
  • Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center: packing food in boxes to be delivered to immigrant families in need of food assistance each third Saturday of the month

Are you interested in something that isn’t listed here? Contact us and we would be happy to point you to other organizations and ministries in the Boston area.

We believe that none of this is possible or worthwhile if not led by God and birthed in prayer. The work of justice is God’s work, in which he graciously invites us to partner. We encourage our community to engage in regular prayer related to Biblical justice - specifically this could look like praying for JET and the work of Antioch, our city, our nation, and our world. If you would like to get more involved in praying with and for the justice team please contact us for prayer points and resources for personal and corporate prayer.

Join Our Team:
If you’re interested in learning more about our team or potential training, service, or prayer opportunities, we’d love to hear from you!

We welcome you to fill out this survey to provide us with more information.

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