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Helpful Tools To Enhance Your Walk With God

Below are some documents that we believe will help you in your walk with Christ.  Please feel free to contact a Lifegroup leader or member of our staff if you have any questions.

Online Bibles

Discipleship Resources

Resources That Can Be Used During Your Devotional Times

Other Resources

  • DE-logging Exercise (Written by Jonathan Gulley and based on Matthew 7:3-5 & Luke 6:41-42, which are powerful instructions from Jesus’ teachings on how to evaluate yourself before looking to take a chisel and shape others.)
  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment (A tool developed by our sending organization, AMI, to help you assess your strengths and gifts in order to more fully understand the passions or dreams that God has given you, and effectively utilize them in the Body of Christ.)
  • Healthy Best Practices For Life (Article from Antioch Community Church's blog about some suggested best practices for a healthy heart, soul and mind)